Fr. Pawel - Letter of Encouragement - May 13th, 2020

Dear Parishioners,

We met people who are extremely unhappy, bitter, and disappointed with the direction of their lives. When they cross our path, we wisely retreat, since we do not want to be infected by their negativity and gloomy outlook at themselves and us. We do not want to become just like them.  We feel the danger of wasting our time and opportunities and we flee away from them as far and as soon as possible.

Then we have a different type of people. There are those around whom we feel good, comfortable, and safe with. Their positive attitude, grace, and shining personality makes us feel better about ourselves. Time with those people is never wasted. We want more of them. We crave their attention, time and attitude. We want to have the same self-confidence, happiness, and healthy attitude in our lives as they project. We may even start to imitate them consciously or not, in their words, actions or even thoughts or pattern of talking. We are impressed by them, we want to become like them, as we say jokingly, when we grow up.  We know that they are the bunch we shall associate with. Seeing them, talking to them makes us happy, optimistic, and full of hope.

For a moment think about somebody in your life from the first group of people. How and what do you feel? Does the thought about that person make you anxious, disappointed, fearful? Then move to the second group of people described above. Imagine the one person who makes you feel good and positive and respected. What are your thoughts when you think about that person? How does she/he make you feel? How does it affect your mood and self-image?

Doing this simple exercise, you only may confirm what you want in your life. You may even have a smile on your face. Why? Because the person or people who makes you feel good and secure put this smile on your face. Just simply by this mental exercise, thinking about those people and how they effect and treat you, you think much higher and better about yourself.

Why am I writing this? In our lives we make daily choices. We make choices of who we want to become. The choices of who we want to be in the far future and for today. The choices of today that make the way of tomorrow. We can become one of these unhappy grumps, bitter and aggressive or we can choose to be positive, delightful, and full of hope and faith. It is our choice in which group we will end up. We may not control where and when we are born, who are our parents, what is the color of our skin, ethnicity, etc. We may even not control anymore things which are already chose in our lives years ago such as; path of our career, spouse, place of living, but what we can choose is here and now. Here and now to be happy, positive and self-confident.

Whether we like it or not we make choices in our lives. We are forced by the nature of life to choose all the time. Even if we do not choose, it become our choice that constitutes and determines our future choices and outcomes. Lock of choice is a choice itself. So why not choose hope, faith, and love over stress, disappear, and fear? Why not choose confidence, assurance, health, and pride over inferior complexes, anxiety and fearfulness?

God is giving us grace to be who we want to be. The choice is given to us. Nothing is predetermined. Nothing is impossible. We can squander the opportunity or with God’s help, his grace, his leadership, we can become who he wants us to be; the best version of ourselves. Let God guide us in this process. The reward is unbelievable. The gift of the believing in God and believing in ourselves is there. Do you have courage and confidence to go on the journey to the place of bright lights and better you? Do you have enough faith and courage to trust in God’s providence and the plan He has for you?

Courage and self-confidence is already in you. Allow yourself to reach out for it and start living the life you have always dreamed about.

God bless,

Fr. Pawel

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