Fr. Pawel's Letters of Encouragement - Happy Easter

Dear Parishioners,

I wish to say Happy Easter, however I’m sure that for many of you, it feels more like the repentant spirit of lent than the joyful moment of Easter. Nothing is getting better; everything seems to be getting worse.

In this gloomy time it’s important to keep your spirits up. We can focus on something negative, frightening and unknown, or we can shift our process of thinking and believing and put our trust in God and the message of Easter. The message of the resurrection is the message of hope. Jesus Christ after being captured, tortured and mocked, dies a horrific death nailed to the cross. There was no mercy, no friends, no compassion for Him. God was dying alone. He was there alone facing His disappointments, fears and despair. They were there with him on the cross. In the moment of this tragic event, He shouted out to His father “ WHY have you forsaken me?!”. It was a Friday. This was when Christ died. Alone. Abandoned by people and God.

The dawn of Sunday morning tells us another story. The story did not end on Friday. It tells us what happened in the second chapter of the good week. Sunday morning became the game changer. He was risen from the dead. He was in full glory. He was victorious.

His victory is bringing us hope. The cross was an important part of his journey, but the cross did not become the final chapter of his journey. Right now, you may feel that emotionally and spiritually you are stuck in Good Friday. You are fearful, unsure about the next weeks and months. You may wonder what is going to happen to you and to those who you love when you hear an apocalyptic prediction or when you look into the eyes of your children and you fear for their tomorrow.

You are not alone in this. He wants to say to you, “I know what you are going through. I know your fear, I know the emotional tortures in your heart. It’s your good Friday, my child. But its temporary. It will pass.  It will be changed, and turn into the dawn of Sunday morning.”

Dear sisters and brothers, have courage! Do not fall into temptation of despair. The final chapter for Jesus Christ and for you is not the crucifixion, or the good Friday or the time of fear and despair. What you are going through right now is not the destination but only a road, a temporary moment in the history of your life. The resurrection was a true end and at the same time the true beginning for Him and now for you. Do not stop in your journey on good Friday. You are predestined to enjoy the morning of the resurrection; the time of joy, happiness, hope and fulfillment. Do not stack on good Friday. It’s not your destiny. Raise up your thoughts to Christ. Put your heart, dreams, and fears into his hands and believe. Have faith and trust in the One who can save the world, your world. The world may be changing, the world may be shaky but your faith in Christ, the cross, and the resurrection may be stronger than ever before. Remember you are already chosen to live in the spirit of the resurrection. Pray all the time, keep Christ in your heart and remind yourself that the Sunday of hope is coming.

Happy and Blessed Easter.

Your Pastor,
Fr. Pawel

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